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Cost:  $110.00

                  Five Weeks


At five weeks long and 2 hours per class, you have fewer classes to attend, but get 10 hours of class time, which is longer than most facilities offer.

      Puppy Kindergarten


Designed for puppies between the ages of 3 and 5 months old.  However, some exceptions are made!


In this class you learn everything you need to know about raising, feeding, training and living with your puppy.  In addition to learning all the basic commands, you will have opportunity to enjoy our inside and outside activities as we practice what we learn. In this class your puppy will have the opportunity to socialize off-leash with other puppies. This is such an important experience. Don't miss this developmental window for training in your puppy's life!

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Classes are currently held at Mountain View Veterinary Services, Shippensburg, PA

 Intermediate Obedience/ CGC


Designed for puppies who have already completed a Puppy Kindergarten class or for any age dog who has seen me privately for instruction or has a general knowledge of the basic commands.


This class is designed to solidify what you and your puppy just learned in Puppy Kindergarten class or private lessons.  This follow up class is an excellent way to enable your puppy or adult dog to practice and remember the basic commands it just learned.  It also provides the opportunity to prepare your puppy or adult dog for taking the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.  For more details about CGC certification, click this 

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