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Private Lessons

"Training, problem solving and counseling for you and your canine companion"

Private lessons are great for folks with challenging schedules, specific dog behavioral problems, if you and your dog need more time than allotted in a class or they can serve as a "bridge" when a class is scheduled a bit too far in the future and you need help now.





Just about all areas of behavior can be addressed.  Here are a few:

Private lessons take  place at your home or designated location.



*Choosing a Puppy/Dog


*Recovery From Abuse

*Compulsive Disorders



*Separation Anxiety

*House Breaking

*No-pull Walking


*Fear Related Problems

*Crate Training



Most of the above areas can better be evaluated and worked on in the comfort of the dog's home.  Sometimes, the environment can be part of the problem!

The cost of a private lesson is based on where you live and is charged by the "session," not by the hour, so we have plenty of time to identify and work on your dog's problems.  Additional private lessons, if needed, are determined at the end of the lesson and are not required to be booked ahead of time.  Please contact me and I will be glad to quote you a price for a private lesson.

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